2010 Creel-Luce Paleography Workshop -- April 23-25, 2010

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Schedule :

Conference Agenda

Papers :

Graham Chamness - We Are the shi - What Has Cui Yin Done with Yang Xiong's 'Dissolving Ridicule'

Heng Du - Hanfeizi Chu shuo chapters

Ethan Harkness - Kongjiapo Monthly Ordinances

Brian Lander - Han dynasty texts on the surveying of river dykes

Yong-yun Lee - On Taiyi sheng shui Cosmology

Cameron Moore - Textual Organization in Eastern Zhou Bronze Inscriptions

Daniel Morgan - A Positive Case for Visuality of Text in Warring States Manuscript Culture

Adam Schwartz - On the Shang period designation ‘Ding’

Jin Song - 中國古代‘契約’與‘證憑’:以‘券’字考釋與券書的用度分析爲中心

Jeffrey Tharsen - Beyond Rhyme: The Development of the Digital Etymological Dictionary of Old Chinese and Examples of its Use in Textual Analyses from the Western Zhou to the Tang